Thanks to the specific material properties of our glass reinforced plastic products, they can be used in other interesting areas of application – besides in sectors with particularly high or very specific hygiene requirements. This is because our GRP panels are not only suitable as wall or ceiling cladding in the area of mainly hygiene-oriented interior design projects or for the renovation of old hygiene rooms that no longer meet current and future requirements.

Wide range of applications

GRP products from ECP have successfully proven themselves for a long time in the most diverse areas of application. One reason is their resistance against moisture, mould and germ infestation as well as against chemicals or also aggressive natural substances. Another benefit is their optimum insulating effect. They also offer solutions for room corners and hygienic protective functions against mechanical effects.

And sometimes, it is “just” the fact that they are always simple and quick to clean that makes them so popular. They are often used, for example, as load-bearing elements in sanitary cells on campsites and tent sites or in toilet trailers. However, thanks to their innovative properties, GRP elements from ECP can also be found in houseboats or caravans, as façade elements on residential and commercial buildings, and as barrel roofs or flat roofs on entire buildings. 

We develop the solution you need

This tried and trusted diversity of our products and product developments proves that we can meet both specific industry requirements and special individual projects in any industry or area of application in a needs-based, durable and cost-effective way. So if you’re planning a specific project, let us see together whether and how our many years of experience and our innovative products can contribute to achieving it. Contact us! Together, we’ll find the perfect solution for you! Tried and trusted many times over. Durable. Economical.