In slaughterhouses, cutting plants and butcher’s shops – in other words, wherever food of animal origin is processed – compliance with strict hygiene regulations is particularly important. Meat is particularly sensitive to bacterial contamination.

Our GRP elements meet the highest hygiene requirements

Against this background, all rooms used for processing and storage in meat-processing plants must be planned and implemented with a view to the high hygiene requirements in particular. Our panels for cladding walls and ceilings offer the perfect solution for the right kind of interior design. Whether you choose our GRP insulation elements or the GRP system solutions of EasyClean-Pan® and EasyClean-Pan® Facade, our products create perfect rooms that are permanently hygienic. Wherever you expect to have additional mechanical effects on the wall and ceiling elements due to work processes, we can offer your additional protection with our hygienic EasyCrashStop GRP impact protection strips.

Thanks to our excellent cooperation with various customers in the meat-processing industry, we also know that – in the past – production rooms, cold storage rooms and warehouses were often built with open-pored plaster or joints that provide an ideal breeding ground for germs and mould. Such places have long since failed to meet the increased hygiene requirements of today. Thanks to the GRP renovation elements specially developed by our company and the GRP direct assembly system EasyTape 4, permanently hygienic rooms can be created simply, quickly and without costly demolition work. After installation, the panels used here for cladding walls and ceilings provide smooth and robust surfaces, ensuring optimum hygiene.

Guaranteed permanently hygienic

  • GRP surfaces that meet the highest hygiene requirements
  • Durable and impact-resistant wall and ceiling panels
  • Resistant to moisture and many chemical agents
  • High humidity and heat are no problem for our GRP panels
  • Low maintenance costs, as they are robust and easy to clean
  • The solution for new builds and renovation work