Who has not simply eaten an apple straight from the tree or a pea pod straight from the plant? In your private life, this is something quite normal. Companies processing fruit, vegetables and potatoes, however, can’t be so casual about hygiene when handling their products. As part of the food industry, such companies are subject to strict hygiene regulations to protect consumers.

Of course, they are not only reflected in work regulations but also, and above all, in ensuring that processing rooms, storage rooms and cold stores are, without exception, hygienically impeccable. To be able to guarantee this level of cleanliness in the long term, suitable materials should be selected and used for the wall and ceiling cladding when building the interior.

GRP elements ensure lasting hygiene

Our GRP insulation elements offer you the perfect solution for these purposes – as do our GRP system variants EasyClean-Pan® and EasyClean-Pan® Facade, made of completely harmless materials. Thanks to their smooth, impact-resistant and durable surface, they are easy to clean and resistant to a wide range of chemicals that often have to be used when cleaning.

While new production and processing facilities can be fitted from the outset with our GRP solutions for lastingly hygienically flawless rooms, existing firms will sooner or later have to refurbish their previously often plastered or tiled surfaces, which can be a breeding ground for germs and mould. Here too, with our GRP renovation elements and our GRP direct installation system EasyTape 4, we offer our customers products they can use to retrofit permanently hygienic, robust and resistant wall and ceiling coverings. This means you can quickly create permanently clean rooms that meet the highest hygiene requirements, while incurring only the lowest maintenance costs.

Guaranteed permanently hygienic

  • Moisture-resistant, dirt-repellent GRP surfaces
  • Mould and germs have no chance to breed on our GRP panels
  • Smooth, robust wall panels and ceiling cladding
  • Quick and easy to clean and resistant to numerous chemicals
  • Sustainable hygiene and durability
  • The solution for new rooms and renovation projects