Whether in bakeries, confectioneries or bakery shops, wherever fresh dough, a wide variety of raw materials and, above all, fresh eggs are used, the highest legal hygiene standards apply. Customers associate these places mainly with the aroma of fresh baked goods or a little bit of “naughty but nice”, so hygiene must be a top priority in processing and production rooms, some of which are now completely sterile. So when it comes to interior design, great care must be taken to ensure that the ceiling panelling and wall cladding used actually provide the ideal conditions for lasting cleanliness.

Durable hygiene and cavity-free construction

Our GRP panels are the right choice when you are planning interior fittings. Whether you choose insulation elements or even the EasyClean-Pan® and EasyClean-Pan® facade system solutions, thanks to their moisture-insensitive, corrosion-free and easy-to-clean surfaces, our wall and ceiling cladding made of GRP guarantee permanently clean rooms. They are also resistant to the chemicals often used in cleaning as well as to lactic acid and other aggressive substances. This is why the innovative ECP products are the right choice, especially where raw materials are processed and frequent cleaning cycles are required. Because our products can also be installed without cavities, they offer additional protection against cockroaches, mice and other unwelcome “guests” that can become a problem in bakeries.

As the partner for hygienic as well as durable wall and ceiling cladding, we naturally also offer our customers perfect solutions for transforming existing rooms into permanently clean production and processing facilities through renovation. By using our GRP renovation elements or the GRP direct mounting system EasyTape 4, you can quickly and efficiently create highly hygienic rooms that are durable. They also have high-quality, smooth and durable surfaces and are resistant to chemicals as well as aggressive natural substances.


Guaranteed to be permanent hygienic

  • Smooth GRP surfaces that ensure the highest level of hygiene when processing eggs and other raw products as well as fresh dough
  • Lasting hygiene through simple and quick cleaning
  • Sustainable resistant surfaces (e.g. against chemicals, lactic acid etc.)
  • Cavity-free installation gives pests no chance to breed
  • Permanently hygienic rooms thanks to new construction or renovation work