Cleanrooms and ultra-clean rooms play a fundamental role in many areas of industry and science, but also in applied medicine and increasingly also in germ-free food production. In the fields of optics, laser, nanotechnology, medical research, applied medicine (e.g. in operating theatres of clinics and hospitals), in aerospace technology, biotechnology and even in pharmacies, you can create areas that are protected from external environmental influences.

From the very beginning, it is vital that you think not only about appropriate air filter technology and the necessary occupational safety regulations, work equipment and work technology. Professionally planned interior fittings are at least as important. Wall cladding and ceiling panelling have to meet the highest hygiene requirements in terms of their materials so as to ensure perfect hygiene.

Wall and ceiling cladding with EasyClean-Pan®

Regardless of the cleanroom class, with our EasyClean-Pan® GRP system solution, we offer our partners a state-of-the-art, tried-and-tested system made of absolutely harmless materials. It creates the highest level of hygiene in a durable and cost-effective way. Regardless of whether you want to create a completely new cleanroom through installation or conversion work or whether you wish to renovate an existing one by using durable EasyClean-Pan® wall and ceiling cladding, together we can create cleanrooms and laboratories for you that permanently meet the highest hygiene standards:

  • Durable, impact-resistant, sealed GRP surfaces
  • Unique hard joint without cavities, joint closure flush with the surface
  • Easy-to-clean room corners thanks to prefabricated rounded corner modules
  • No thermal bridges, invisible fastening
  • Optimum thermal insulation, dimensioned in line with your individual needs
  • Tried and tested in numerous application projects since 2000

Inside and out: simply clever products

If need be, we at ECP are, of course, also available as your competent contact partner for cleanrooms and ultra-clean rooms that have been carried out in an appropriately professional and economically optimised way thanks to the lowest maintenance costs. With the products developed on the basis of our many years of experience, we can offer you solutions for flat roofs and facades in addition to wall cladding, panels and ceiling cladding for interior fittings, for extensions, new builds and renovations.