KL25 joint sealant

Hard joint. Permanent. Maintenance free.

Product description

KL25 has been successfully used for 20 years in “jointless” cold and wet rooms. The joint sealant is physiologically harmless. Because it hardens completely, the joint does not offer any breeding ground for mould or adhesions. The joint sealant still remains viscoelastic in its hardened state and has very high adhesion. This means there is no need for expansion joints when using KL25. These properties are ideal for use in grouting in rooms with high hygiene requirements due to wet cleaning.

Product data

  • white , similar to RAL 9016 (other colours available on request)
  • can be stored in the sealed original container for a maximum of 12 months.
  • double cartridges, 400 ml (see picture) + mixing tubes


Suitable manual or pneumatic cartridge guns can be found under Products / Accessories. We offer them for sale as well as for rental.

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