ECP is an owner-managed, medium-sized manufacturer of sandwich elements with around 20 employees. The company’s philosophy is not only to develop individual products, but rather entire systems where possible, whereby the individual products are coordinated and a complete and secure solution can be offered to the customer. ECP produces high-quality sandwich elements for the creation of interior walls, roofs and facades on a modern, flexible and constantly evolving production facility. The main focus of the product portfolio is on insulation elements of the building envelope for the hygienically particularly sensitive areas of food production, processing and sales. In addition, individual special elements according to customer requirements up to entire room cubatures are also realized.

Many years of experience, continuous product development and quality controls guarantee a high level that is necessary to meet the demands and requirements of customers and markets. The simple structures of a medium-sized company with short decision-making processes ensure high flexibility and the best possible customer orientation. The know-how, which has been developed over the years by the production of elements and participation in various research projects, makes ECP one of the specialists in the field of sandwich technology.


The 2nd generation takes off!

Hans-Christian Ruhberg’s daughter and son-in-law join ECP.

Ms Kai Melina Manhard: Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Engineer). Previously active in quality management at a German shipyard and a vehicle equipment manufacturer.

Mr Michael Manhard: Master of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering). Previously active in the technical project support of a large German manufacturer of automation technology.


Building authority approval for ECP sandwich elements with GRP face sheet issued.

ECP thus enables customers to construct single-shell exterior walls for food production and processing buildings in a particularly cost-effective way using hygienic products that have been tested and proven in terms of structural engineering.


New introduction of our product EasyCrashStop wall strips.

Additional impact protection for hygienic panel walls optimised for user requirements.


Production facility for raw casings in Mongolia.

Advice on construction planning for optimum use, including delivery of hygienic wall and ceiling elements with GRP face sheets.


Small building erected in the form of a load-bearing mobile sandwich element construction.

Delivery of 2 kits for mobile student apartments (Pilot projekt addhome study)


Conclusion of the European cooperation project EASIE

Completion of the HaDE-Swim project with the completion of the houseboat “FILIPPA“.


Presentation at the international boat fair “hanseboot” in Hamburg


Production of innovative GRP sandwich element constructions (test floating docks, barrel roof house, wind sails for small wind turbines)

Start of research project HaDE-Schwimm, funded by ECP,


on the use of industrially manufactured insulating elements for the construction of a floating platform with cabin superstructure.


Participation in the European cooperation project EASIE (from 2008 to 2011), which aims at the innovative further development of sandwich panel constructions.  The project is based on the intensive cooperation of panel manufacturers, research institutions and industry associations from many parts of Europe.



During the year, construction of the first load-bearing sandwich structure (Private Wash® sanitary facilities for campsites) takes place.

At the end of the year, ECP gets the necessary general building authority approval from the DIBt for its new flat roof system isoSafe-plan, which is made of steel sandwich elements.


The new production plant for the continuous production of insulating elements is set up and put into operation in the spring. The workforce is initially increased to 8 employees, and in-house production is started. The product range is expanded at the same time.


So as to be able to respond better to customer wishes, the transformation of the company from a trading company into a manufacturing company is planned. At the end of the year, ECP acquires a production hall in Gadebusch and moves the company headquarters there.


On 1 February 2002, ECP is founded as a trading company for GRP insulation elements. The insulation system EasyClean Pan®, developed by ECP, is very well received on the market and soon represents the state of the art for walls and ceilings in cheese ripening chambers.