EasyCleanPan® renovation elements

Hygienic surface regardless of the substrate

Product description

EasyClean-Pan® renovation elements are thin, self-supporting sandwich elements with a GRP face sheet, which can be used to clad wall and ceiling surfaces of interior rooms to create a hygienic and corrosion-resistant surface, regardless of the substrate.

The elements are mechanically fixed using H-mounting rails. They are used when the existing component surfaces can no longer meet the high requirements for hygiene or resistance.

GRP renovation elements let you produce durable and easy-to-maintain wall and ceiling surfaces in rooms that often have to be wet cleaned to meet high hygienic requirements.


  • Food-processing rooms
  • Cold stores
  • Wet areas, washing halls
  • and much more.

Element characteristics

Face sheets GRP, smooth (with gel coat) or structured (foil-sealed),
various thicknesses 1,5 – 2,0 mm (visible side);
aluminium foil or galvanised steel or GRP 2nd choice (rear side)
Insulation core: EPS WLG 040 or WLG 035
Mineral wool WLG 048, from 40 mm
Element thickness: 20 mm to 60 mm
Dimensions: Construction width 1,190 mm
Element length variable, max. 10 m
Connections: Hard joint sealant (KL25) or plastic profile
Fire behavior: Building material class B2 (DIN 4102-1)
Class E (EN 13501-1)


System details

We are happy to advise you on the element configuration for your individual application.

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