Just as in all other sectors of the food industry, high statutory hygiene requirements also apply today in the development, production and filling of beverages. But today, more than ever before, the customers of numerous breweries, distilleries, malt houses and cideries also expect flawless hygienic processing besides the special taste experience.

That is why companies in the beverage industry have to use suitable wall and ceiling cladding for the interiors of their new production facilities, cold storage rooms and beverage warehouses that meet the justifiably high hygienic requirements. The materials used have to be resistant to moisture and mould, easy to clean, durable and, above all, resilient in every respect.

Permanently hygienic rooms thanks to ECP products

To meet the demands of such hygienic requirements in particular, we have developed equally robust and durable system products made of glass reinforced plastic for our customers. With our GRP insulation elements and our GRP system solution EasyClean-Pan® as well as the GRP system solution EasyClean-Pan® Facade, we offer you the perfect solutions for wall and ceiling cladding in newly built beverage-processing rooms as well as for storage rooms and corridors with equally high hygienic standards. In areas with particular wall stress due to mechanical effects, our EasyCrashStop impact protection strips provide additional safety.

However, we also offer customised solutions for our customers in the beverage industry where existing rooms are to be renovated to meet the new hygienic requirements. By using our GRP renovation elements as well as our GRP direct mounting system EasyTape 4 and, if need be, our impact protection strips, you can create hygienically flawless, durable and thus also sustainably economical surfaces from rooms that are no longer up to date.

Guaranteed permanently hygienic

  • Durable, impact-resistant and smooth GRP surfaces that meet the highest hygiene requirements
  • Even heat and high humidity in rooms with bottling lines pose no problem
  • No possibility of dirt being deposited
  • Moisture-resistant and resistant to all kinds of chemicals and aggressive natural substances
  • Low maintenance costs
  • The solution for new rooms and renovation projects