Whether in fish farming, in fisheries with processing and sales rooms or even in fish wholesaling…basically, wherever fish is processed or utilised, the highest standards apply to the working environment and, above all, to hygiene. Because when processing fish in particular, there is a constant risk of bacterial contamination. Besides seamless refrigeration, hygienically perfect rooms for processing and, if necessary, selling fish, along with hygienically perfect transport routes and refrigerated warehouses play an elementary role. All surfaces – especially ceiling panelling and wall cladding – must, therefore, be able to be cleaned fast and efficiently. They must protect against contamination and germs.


Germ-free fish products to highest level of room hygiene

Here, we offer you the permanently hygienic and also economically optimal solution for your interior fittings with our specially developed GRP products that have been tried and tested in the industry. Specially developed insulation elements as well as our EasyClean-Pan® and EasyClean-Pan® facade system solutions offer the perfect wall and ceiling cladding for every fish-processing company due to their unique material properties. Where the hygienic walls might be exposed to particular mechanical loads, our EasyCrash impact GRP system panels provide the additional highly hygienic impact protection you need.

In the past – especially in fish-processing and utilizing companies – the workrooms were tiled. Because mould, germs and bacteria quickly settle in the joints – even with the best cleaning – many places are now looking for economical and sustainable ideas for renovation that ensure high hygienic standards. Our specially developed GRP renovation elements as well as our GRP direct mounting system EasyTape 4 offer you the best possible solution here. They not only let you clad a wall and ceiling quickly, but, above all, in a way that meets the highest hygiene requirements.

GRP – the solution for fish farms, too

Even in the field of fish farming, our GRP products have repeatedly proven themselves in practical use by our satisfied customers. Due to their special material properties, they ensure resistance to a wide range of external influences, are extremely easy to clean and, last but not least, are an economically perfect variant thanks to their durability.

Guaranteed to be permanently hygienic

  • Smooth GRP surfaces that withstand aggressive products, e.g. salt, vinegar and oil
  • Simple, fast cleaning ensures lasting hygiene
  • Dirt, germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance
  • Resistant also to various chemicals that are often needed for cleaning
  • Durable and economically effective
  • Permanently hygienic rooms thanks to new construction or renovation work