Few industries are faced with such a variety of hygienically critical products and work processes as the catering industry. Whether in a restaurant, café, bistro, fast food restaurant or canteen…almost everywhere, food has to be stored perfectly, a wide variety of raw products are handled, and food is openly presented to customers. Besides paying the greatest possible attention to hygienically flawless work processes, all premises in which food is stored, cooled, processed and presented must, therefore, also meet high hygiene standards: from the cold store to the kitchen/industrial kitchen and the counter area via the shelf warehouse and beverage storage area.

So that your guests can really enjoy themselves

Our glass reinforced plastic products – specially developed to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements – are, therefore, the perfect choice for the interior fittings of your new catering establishment. Our GRP insulation elements as well as our special GRP system solutions EasyClean-Pan® and EasyClean-Pan® Facade guarantee durable and hygienically flawless wall and ceiling cladding. As they are resistant to numerous external influences (humidity, mould, lactic acid, cleaning agents), which are particularly prevalent in this sector, and are also robust and easy to clean, they are the perfect products for any catering establishment. As our panels can be installed without cavities, they also offer effective protection against pests such as cockroaches and mice.

A look into numerous kitchens, corridors and storage rooms of existing gastronomies shows that, quite often, plastered or tiled walls still dominate the scene. They, however, store the water in the air and offer a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria due to their product properties. In such cases, renovation work is necessary to ensure permanently hygienic rooms. Here, too, we can offer you exactly the right products for wall and ceiling cladding. By using our GRP renovation elements as well as our GRP direct mounting system EasyTape 4, you can create moisture- and mould-resistant rooms quickly, easily and economically.

Guaranteed permanently hygienic

  • The highest hygiene during the processing of fresh and raw products of any kind (e.g. eggs, fish, meat, dough) due to smooth, resistant surfaces
  • High humidity and heat are no problem
  • Easy and quick cleaning enables permanent hygiene at any time
  • Multiple resistant surfaces (e.g. against chemicals, lactic acid etc.)
  • Highly hygienic impact protection panels possible as selective wall protection
  • No chance for pests to breed thanks to cavity-free installation
  • Permanently hygienic rooms through new construction or renovation work