Like all areas of food production, milk-processing companies such as dairies and cheese factories have to satisfy very high hygienic standards. The continuous cleaning and disinfection of the walls, floors and ceilings, but also the special conditions of the room climate in the production and cold storage rooms require not least the use of easy-to-clean as well as moisture- and mould-resistant wall cladding and also ceiling cladding. They have to be as robust and durable as possible and, above all, insensitive to chemical cleaning agents or even hydrochloric acid.

New and refurbished rooms now sustainably hygienic

All products developed by ECP satisfy these very complex requirements for interior design. They meet the demanding specifications of the applicable food law and even exceed them in some parameters. By using our GRP insulation elements as well as our GRP system solutions EasyClean-Pan® and EasyClean-Pan® Facade, we can, therefore, provide permanently hygienic wall and ceiling cladding for newly created rooms for our customers, which incur only the lowest maintenance costs. Where you can expect specific mechanical loads within the rooms, our highly hygienic EasyCrashStop GRP panel system offers even more protection for every hygienic wall.

It is not uncommon for older rooms to still have open-pored surfaces such as plaster or tile joints, which are ideal places for dirt to build up and germs and mould to proliferate. Even if paint or coatings are applied to these walls to protect them, they do not offer the protection that is permanently required. To effectively refurbish these surfaces in line with current and future hygiene requirements, we have developed sustainable hygienic renovation solutions: our GRP renovation elements and the GRP direct mounting system EasyTape 4. They meet the high demands of the milk-processing industry in full. They turn old surfaces into permanently clean rooms quickly and safely.

Guaranteed permanently hygienic

  • Smooth GRP surfaces, durable and robust
  • Unlike stainless steel, they are resistant to lactic acid
  • The highest hygiene requirements are guaranteed
  • Resistant to dirt and moisture
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Permanently hygienic rooms through new construction or renovation work