closing-, corner-, mounting- and joint profiles

Product discription

ECP offers a wide range of end, angle and assembly profiles from stock. The profiles are the right thing to use with the GRP insulation elements to create hygienic corner connections and end terminations. Our range also includes the right adhesive sealants you need. Please contact us.


  • Visible or concealed fastening of the insulation elements in the joint area
  • Corner terminations between ceilings and walls or walls and walls

Overview solid plastic profile (PVC)

Product Cross section drawing Item number
1 H-Mounting profile PHMKO12
2 H-Profile PHOKO12
3 H-Profile PHOKO10
4 U-Mounting profile PUMKO10
5 U-Profile PUOKO10
6 outside corner profile PLAKO10
7 inside corner profile PLIKO10
8 Folding bracket PLOKO12

GRP T-profile for ceiling suspension

Product Cross section drawing Item number
1 GRP-T-profile PTDGO11